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Nursing dual degree programme (B.Sc.)

study location

study location




Healthcare and Nursing

Dean of the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Anita Hausen

Academic degree

Academic degree

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.); vocational qualifying state examination in geriatric nursing or nursing

Standard period of study

Standard period of study

9 semesters

Application period

Application period

not possible to apply anymore

From 2020 onwards, the existing Nursing dual degree programme no longer meets the statutory requirements of the new Act for Nursing Professions (Pflegeberufegesetz). With this background, the KSH Munich intends to introduce a primary qualifying degree programme in Nursing (B.Sc.) at the Faculty of Healthcare and Nursing in the winter semester 2020/21. This Nursing degree programme will replace the Nursing dual degree programme, which has been offered since 2009. Students were admitted to the old programme for the last time in the winter semester 2019/20.


Important note: Enrolment for the first semester of the Nursing dual degree programme is no longer possible.

Profile of the degree programme

A career in nursing is varied, challenging and secure for the future. Highly qualified academic staff are required to care for the sick and needy. The KSH has offered a dual degree programme in Nursing since 2009, which starts every year in the winter semester and combines an integrated form of study and vocational training.


As one of Bavaria’s first universities with an integrated nursing degree programme, the KSH trains academic nursing staff. Nursing staff trained at the KSH are distinguished above all by their responsible attitude, their reflective approach and evidence-based work. The close links between theory and practice in the degree programme provide students with current and application-oriented findings on caring for the sick and needy against the background of a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. The degree programme is also aligned with the Christian image of the people as one of the foundations for nursing care.


The degree conveys theories of nursing and health sciences with a focus on gerontology, palliative care, ethics, communication, advice and an understanding of the systems involved. Graduates of the Nursing dual degree programme use their scientific expertise to ensure high quality nursing care in practice and in science. The KSH therefore makes a contribution towards the further development of nursing healthcare in various settings.


As from the 2018/2019 winter semester, certified specialists in nursing or geriatric nursing can also be admitted to the course.

Structure of the curriculum

The Nursing dual degree programme combines an integrated form of study and vocational training. The degree programme is divided into two segments:


1st - 6th semester

  • (Integrated vocational training) part-time studies at the KSH


7th - 9th semester

  • Full-time studies at the KSH


Nursing dual degree programme after already completing nursing exams

  • The recognition of non-university learning is possible in accordance with Art. 63 (2) BaySchG, which reduces the time required for the studies per semester.
Segment 1

In the first six semesters, part-time studies are combined with integrated vocational training. During this time, students learn on a modular basis, with the contents coordinated at three locations: university, vocational school (Berufsfachschule) and practical work experience.


In the first six semesters, the focus is on basic topic areas such as nursing science, old age and ageing, principles and concepts of action, communication and consultation, geriatric rehabilitation, health sciences, ethics and anthropology, as well as basic business administration.

Segment 2

The second phase is for full-time studies. From the 7th up to and including the 9th semester, the KSH is the sole location for learning. In terms of contents, the students tackle topic areas such as geriatrics and geriatric psychiatry, team development, human dignity, fundamental rights and patients' rights, guidance, advice and training, legal and economic basics, and practical projects. The Bachelor's thesis is also written in the 9th semester, and the students finish their studies by graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree.


The second part of the course is ideally suited for a semester abroad. Interested students should contact the International Office at the KSH, where they will receive information and support.


The study contents are processed in the form of lectures, group work, case studies, simulation units, discussions, written tasks, etc.. The Nursing dual degree programme utilises the latest teaching methods, with the Skills and Simulation Laboratory, where students practice applying the previously acquired theoretical knowledge in simulations of highly complex nursing situations. With the help of a simulation doll, different care situations and other typical work situations such as communication and practical instruction can be realistically tested and analysed. The Skills and Simulation Laboratory training is thus a very good way to already build up and consolidate practical skills during the studies.


The Nursing dual degree programme leads to two attractive qualifications in only 4.5 years:

  • Vocational qualification (after 6 semesters)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Through the Nursing dual degree programme (B.A.) with specialisation in gerontology, graduates simultaneously obtain state recognition as a geriatric psychiatry specialist. As a result of the focus on communication and consultation, students who complete the degree programme also gain state recognition as practical instructors for geriatric nursing/nursing.

Vocational training locations / cooperation partners

The KSH has a wide range of cooperation partnerships with vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen) where students can complete their vocational training. A training contract with one of our cooperating vocational schools is also a prerequisite for commencing the studies.

Prospects & perspectives


What you will be able to do after studying:

  • Professionally record nursing and support requirements, and select, carry out and evaluate appropriate nursing measures
  • Individually and inter-professionally design, manage and account for care pathways, e.g. in the context of case management or primary nursing models
  • Advise patients and their families about health-related support and intervention requirements
  • Advise and guide specialist nursing staff in complex situations of assistance, e.g. as a nursing expert
  • Develop action plans for selected problem situations based on the evidence, methodically and organisationally align them with the respective form of care, and implement them

Applications & admission

We offer 60 places on the course each winter semester.


Studying with integrated vocational training:

  • First apply for an apprenticeship in nursing or geriatric nursing at one of the university’s cooperating vocational schools.
  • After you have received confirmation of your apprenticeship placement, you can apply within the normal application deadline (the beginning of May until mid-June) for a place on the dual degree programme at the KSH Munich, and submit the training contract, confirmation of the apprenticeship, or confirmation of your place on the waiting list for an apprenticeship, together with your application.

Nursing dual degree programme after nursing exams:

  • Apply within the normal application deadline (the beginning of May until mid-June) for a place on the Nursing dual degree programme at the KSH Munich, and submit proof of passing the state exam in geriatric nursing or nursing together with your application.


For further information about the degree programme, please refer to the German pages about the Nursing dual degree programme (B.Sc.), or ask the general contact person at the Dean's Office.

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