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KSH Munich

Munich campus

Preysingstr. 95

81667 München

Telefon: +49 89 48092–900

Telefax: +49 89 48092–1900

Ground plan

Benediktbeuern campus

Don-Bosco-Str. 1 

83671 Benediktbeuern

Telefon: +49 8857 88-500

Telefax: +49 8857 88-599

Ground plan

Interdisciplinary Research Ethics Committee

The Interdisciplinary Research Ethics Committee at the KSH provides opinions on ethical issues and answers questions on research ethics across disciplines. It assesses ethical aspects of research projects on subjects relating to nursing, healthcare, social sciences, educational and religious studies or therapy. The committee meets at least twice a year. Applications may be submitted in writing by university members only. Please send your completed form to External applications are not currently considered.

Committee members

Prof. Dr. Markus Babo
Dr. Christoph Ellßel (Deputy Chairperson)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Flemming
Prof. Dr. Constanze Giese (Chairperson)
Prof. Dr. Susanne Nothhafft
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Schoyerer
Prof. Dr. Dorit Sing
Prof. Dr. Martina Wolfinger (Vice President, advisory member)

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Main areas of research

The Interdisciplinary "Center for Aging: Reserarch for the Future"

Research projects