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Benediktbeuern campus

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Experiential Pedagogy additional qualification (EPZ)

Course locations

Course locations

KSH in Benediktbeuern and in Munich, outside of the university in Karwendel, the Isar-Loisach area, and the foothills of the Alps



the basic qualification courses start in the winter semester of each year; we recommend starting in the first semester

Cooperation partners

Cooperation partners

Jugendbildungsstätte Königsdorf, Jugendbildungsstätte Burg Schwaneck (youth education centres)



EPZ 1 - 4 a maximum of €50 per event, EPZ+ a maximum of €290 for each event

What is the Experiential Pedagogy additional qualification (EPZ)?

The Experiential Pedagogy additional qualification (EPZ) conveys fundamental approaches to experiential education, and ensures a high level of competence in experiential education work with a practice-oriented qualification.


In the field of environmental and experiential education, the KSH distinguishes itself with a high level of expertise which stems from tradition and constant further development in this area. The Experiential Pedagogy (EPZ) additional qualification has been offered since 1999.

Goals & abilities

The goal of the EPZ is personal development through holistic and experience-orientated learning in groups, in a natural environment, and through sports activities in nature. In the field of experiential pedagogy, our graduates can carry out exercises, seminars and training with different target groups and objectives in various institutions. In particular, they gain a practical insight into youth and social work, and acquire knowledge of the basic environmental topics.

Experiential educators act professionally, responsibly and with pedagogical competence. The management and leadership behaviour is characterised by enabling participants to make their own findings, to experience the interaction between individual and group in a natural and challenging environment, and to transfer this experience to their own daily lives. For us, experiential education represents an approach in an anthropological context, and in practice is a kind of mentoring. It requires constant theoretical and empirical examination.

Contents of the additional qualification

The basic qualification is gained through four EPZ 1-4 courses offered in the curriculum (credited to the modules 3.1/3.7). The follow-up EPZ+ courses are offered outside of the university by the cooperation partners, Jugendbildungsstätten Burg Schwaneck and Königsdorf youth education centres, usually during the lecture-free period and in the form of 4-day to 6-day courses. The detailed structure of the EPZ can be found below:

Basic qualification

  • EPZ 1: Basics of experiential education
  • EPZ 2: Cooperative games, exercises, City Bound (urban educational activities)
  • EPZ 3: Leading and guiding
  • EPZ 4: Profile of the experiential educator and a practical project

Examples of EPZ+ courses offered by the cooperation partners

  • EPZ 5+: Knowing every trick in the book - practical experiential education in and on the water
  • EPZ 6+: Going off-route, to blaze your own trail - the Karwendel mountains as an experiential education learning area
  • EPZ 7+: When language alone no longer helps - intercultural learning with action-orientated methods
  • EPZ 8+: Our climate, our water
  • EPZ 9+: Water and landscape in transition
  • EPZ 10+: Environmental and experiential education in winter

The EPZ+ offers are listed here


The courses themselves are financed through tuition compensation payments, but costs for materials and accommodation must be paid personally:

  • EPZ 1 - 4 are a maximum of 50 Euros each
  • the 5-day EPZ+ offers are a maximum of 290 Euros each (€110 course fee and €140  - €180 for travel expenses, accommodation, catering)

Cooperation partners

Cooperation partner at the Benediktbeuern campus:

Jugendbildungsstätte Königsdorf youth education centre
Rothmühle 1, 82549 Königsdorf
Robert Wenzelewski


Cooperation partner at the Munich campus: 

Jugendbildungsstätte Burg Schwaneck youth education centre
Burgweg 10, 82049 Pullach
Andreas Bedacht


Benediktbeuern campus

Klaus Drescher
Fachberatung EPZ, Benediktbeuern
Telefon: +49 8857 88-517

Munich campus

Isabella Kiening
Fachberatung EPZ, München
Telefon: +49 89 48092-8334

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