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Theology additional qualification at the Munich campus (TZ)

Study location

Study location




the TZ is open to all faculties and degree programmes at the Munich campus

Academic qualification

Academic qualification

'Theology (TZ) additional qualification’ certificate

Start of the programme

Start of the programme

it is possible to start at any time, but for optimal planning purposes we recommend starting in the first semester

Standard period of study

Standard period of study

the duration is flexible, depending on the individual rate of progress



via the registration form, which is available from the TZ-tutors

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What is the Theology additional qualification (TZ)?

The additional qualification in Theology (TZ) is a free offer in parallel to studies for students of all degree programmes at the KSH. It provides the opportunity to deal with

  • deepened
  • questions of anthropology, ethics, theology, religious sciences and spirituality
  • in exchange with students from various semesters and disciplines
  • in relation to the study and practice of social work, nursing, childhood education and midwifery

Contents of the additional qualification

In six modules, the TZ focuses on

  • questions of the meaning of human life
  • theological basics
  • philosophical and theological foundations of social work and nursing
  • ethical orientation in professional practice
  • spirituality as a resource of personal and professional identity
  • actions from a sense of Christian responsibility

Goals & abilities

You deal with these topics with an open mind and apply the related contents to your own life, society and future occupational field. The TZ aims to not only convey knowledge, but above all perspectives for contemplation and action.


The TZ encourages a Christian motivation in the practice of social work, nursing and childhood education, and thereby enables a positive identification with the charitable works of the church. It is therefore especially recommended for students who aspire to a qualified position in institutions in church sponsorship.


At the same time, the TZ offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of the religious character of living worlds. This applies to the Christian context, as well as for encounters with other religions in the inter-denominational offers of the TZ.


In addition, all those who are interested or curious and lateral thinkers are very welcome!

The TZ in detail


The TZ may be started at any time. However, we recommend starting as early as possible for optimal planning purposes. It is especially important to avoid additional effort at a later stage when choosing the compulsory elective sections.



A total of 14 certificates (30 ECTS credit points) are required for the TZ (12 for examinations, 2 for attendance). More than a third of the work required can be completed during the standard course of studies, provided that (graded) proof of academic achievement is obtained. Additional courses are required on top of this - depending on the degree programme.



You plan and complete the TZ individually: courses can be selected according to your interests and timetable.



Please inscribe online for the respective courses. The inscription takes place before the general inscription for your main course of study. You will find the TZ-courses in the course catalogue. When inscribing, please pay attention to the module numbers 7* of the TZ.


Final colloquium

The TZ is concluded with a colloquium. In an interview, you reflect on the insights gained from the TZ for your own studies and professional practice. The colloquium takes place in the form of an individual 20-minute examination. This is conducted by the full-time TZ teachers. The registration as well as arrangements regarding the examination content are made by Prof. Dr. Anna Noweck. Information about the colloquium can be found here.


Attendance as a guest student

If the required certificates cannot be obtained during the standard course of studies, there is the opportunity to participate in TZ seminars as a guest student, even after you have completed your degree programme.


Head of TZ Munich

Prof. Dr. Anna Noweck
Leitung TZ München
Telefon: +49 89 48092-8438


Viktoria-Franziska Hafner
Tutorin TZ München

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