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Research management

Universities of Applied Sciences are required by law to carry out application-oriented research. They are particularly well suited to conducting this type of research because of their close relationship with professional practice. The KSH actively provides the opportunity for lecturers to conduct research and encourages students to participate. The aim of application-oriented research at the KSH is to respond directly to the requirements of and changes in the professional practice through research and development activities in the field of social work, (early) childhood education, nursing and care research. But also in terms of the requirements of professional practice in social work, early childhood education and upbringing, nursing management and nursing education, the vocational disciplines must establish and further develop their own academic foundations, as university professorships are lacking in most areas of these fields.


The Research and Development Centre (Z:F:E - Zentrum für Forschung und Entwicklung) provides the framework conditions for research at the KSH and has developed rules of good scientific practice as well as high research quality standards. This is required, on the one hand, to carry out practical research projects at the highest level and, on the other, to promote young researchers by regularly involving students in various research projects.


The aim of research management is to support and shape the further expansion and conceptual development of the research sector at the KSH on a structural and operational level and to strengthen research activities at the KSH. Staff at our university’s research department work to ensure the research projects run smoothly and successfully in terms of content and organisation. They place great importance on interconnections and support for collaboration with partners from industry in fulfilling the KSH’s mission to transfer knowledge.

Your contact at the Z:F:E

Dipl. Soz. Johannes Lange 

Johannes Lange studied Sociology at the LMU in Munich. Afterwards he worked on various third-party-funded research projects in Bochum and Kassel. So far, his main areas of research have been current transformation processes in the healthcare and/or hospital system and organisational sociology, taking particular account of Niklas Luhmann’s systems theory. The aim of his work in research management is to support researchers at the KSH with their research projects and to make the KSH more visible in the research environment. He works at the interface between administration and academia.


Postal address
Dipl. Soz. Johannes Lange
Z:F:E - Forschungsmanagement
Katholische Stiftungshochschule München
Preysingstraße 95
81667 München

Munich Office
Kirchenstraße 37
phone: +49 89 48092-8275

Benediktbeuern Office
Konventbau, Room K215
phone: +49 8857 88-559

KSH research report

The KSH published a research report for the first time in 2018, providing comprehensive insight into its research activities in the period 2016/17. The report highlights research projects, covers the research initiated and coordinated by the Competence Centre "Centre for Aging: Research for the Future", and details key developments in research and important partners in the professional practice. It also provides a list of publications by university members.


The report, which will be published every two years in future, can be downloaded as a PDF file or obtained in print from the university:



The research process at the KSH

The Z:F:E is always happy to help and support researchers in all (research) matters.

This schedule will help you finding the necessary documents and gives you an overview of the procedures involved. As you may need various documents within the research process, this illustration shows the formal procedure for third-party-funded research, development and evaluation projects, which are organised as university research via the Z:F:E.

Further and more detailed information can also be found in the information leaflet “Forschen an der KSH” (conducting research at the KSH), which also sets out the rules of good scientific practice at the KSH. If you are interested, send an e-mail to Of course, we are happy to provide you with one-to-one advice, too.



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