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81667 München

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Ground plan

Benediktbeuern campus

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Ground plan

Applied Social and Educational Sciences (M.A.)

Application period

Application period

online 01.12. - 15.01.

Study location

Study location




Social Work, Munich

Dean of the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Jochen Ribbeck

Academic degree

Academic degree

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Start of the degree programme

Start of the degree programme

sommer semester

Standard period of study

Standard period of study

3 semesters full-time, or 6 semesters part-time

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Objectives & contents

With the studies and Master of Arts degree:

  • you acquire the qualification for a career in public administration senior service,
  • you deepen your knowledge and activity spectrum,
  • you qualify for senior and leadership positions, as well as management functions,
  • you can take on planning, conceptual and leadership roles, as well as tasks in the management of social services and education,
  • you have mastered the instruments of applied research, and
  • you can follow up with a doctoral degree programme.

Structure of the curriculum

The course is composed of two (part-time: four) thematic semesters. In the third semester (part-time: fifth and sixth), you write your Master's thesis.


The degree consists of self-study units as well as course time spent in attendance at the university. The in-class training is held at the KSH premises in Munich and at the Benediktbeuern campus. The degree is divided into modules. A module contains several courses whose contents are related. Every module is completed with a module examination, which is awarded with so-called credit points (CP) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


The modular structure of the degree programme consists of 90 ECTS credit points (CP). In full-time study, 30 CP are earned per semester. The courses take place in regular weekly appointments, and partially in block format on weekends.

Prospects & perspectives


Applied Social and Educational Sciences

Master specialisation: Applied science of social work in communities, networks and organisations


  • Activity in senior roles and leadership positions in social work institutions, for all professional fields of social work, in public and private providers
  • Activity in social planning, as subject specialists and policy advisers, and in divisions in organisations with social planning focus


Applied Social and Educational Sciences

Master specialisation: Applied educational sciences


  • Higher senior and leadership positions in social services and educational organisations, institutions of advanced and further training in public and private providers, in other secondary and tertiary education areas (e.g. community colleges, school authorities, youth welfare offices)
  • Activity in education management and in educational planning
  • Activity as subject specialists and policy advisers, and in divisions in organisations with an implicit and explicit educational mandate
  • Freelance work in the educational sector

Applications & admission

We offer 25 places on the course each summer semester. Consecutive Master's programmes always build on Bachelor's (and Diplom) qualifications. In order to be able to study a consecutive Master's degree programme, it is not imperative that you have previously completed a Bachelor’s/Diplom degree with exactly the same contents.


Admission requirements for the consecutive Master's degree programme in Applied Social and Educational Sciences

  • a Bachelor’s or Diplom degree of at least six semesters in social work, nursing, nursing management, nursing education, or childhood education and upbringing, or an equivalent, related qualification at a German university, or an equivalent degree from a foreign university
  • minimum grade in the last degree completed: at least 2.5

Please note that applications are only possible during the application period. If you have a foreign higher education entrance qualification or a foreign university degree, and wish to apply for a Bachelor's degree programme at the KSH Munich, you must first have your foreign certificates checked by the external service provider uni-assist e.V.. The pre-evaluation documentation obtained from uni-assist e.V. must be submitted together with the application documents. For more information, please see the section on Information for Foreign Applicants.


For further information about the degree programme, please refer to the German pages about the Applied Social and Educational Sciences (M.A.) course, or ask the general contact person at the Dean's Office.

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