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Healthcare Management (B.A.)

Study location

Study location




Healthcare and Nursing

Dean of the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Anita Hausen

Academic degree

Academic degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Start of the degree programme

Start of the degree programme

winter semester

Places on the course

Places on the course


Standard period of study

Standard period of study

7 semesters (including 1 practical semester)

Application period

Application period

online 02.05. - 15.07.2022

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Study profile: contents and focus areas

Healthcare is one of today’s rapidly growing sectors, and at the same time is under enormous pressure: competition is increasing, with effectiveness and efficiency becoming important factors. In order to position themselves successfully on the market, healthcare organisations are permanently reliant on employees and managers who think and act economically, without losing sight of the ethical values and objectives. During the course of the studies in Healthcare Management (B.A.), we will comprehensively prepare you to fulfil management tasks (e.g. controlling, human resources management, quality management) in healthcare and nursing professionally, independently and responsibly. The degree programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to take on positions of responsibility and leadership roles at the interfaces of business management and healthcare (e.g. project management, leading teams, middle management).


The degree programme is designed on an interdisciplinary basis. The scientifically sound and practice-orientated course integrates health sciences, management skills, ethics and law, health economics and computer science as well as methodological skills in one degree programme. On the management side, knowledge and skills are conveyed in areas such as organisation, project management, quality management, human resources management, financial management and controlling, marketing and e-health. In addition to the basics, the health science topics include the interrelationships between health and different life situations, health and gerontology, and health promotion. Linked to this, healthcare systems, policy and economics are part of the curriculum. The profile of the degree programme in Healthcare Management at the KSH Munich is also enhanced by the special focus on values, in addition to the specialist scientific training. The curriculum includes scientific work, empirical methods, career professionalisation and character development. You also have the option to select your own individual focus areas.


What does the degree programme look like in more detail? You will find more information in the module overview and the module descriptions

Structure of the curriculum

The standard period of study is 7 semesters, of which one semester is a practical semester. The degree programme culminates in the awarding of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Healthcare Management.


The degree programme is modular in design, i.e. you study on the basis of topic areas that are divided into modules. For each successfully completed module you will receive ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points which document your performance. These ECTS credit points are internationally recognised and comparable. Each semester consists of 30 ECTS credit points, and at the end of your studies you will have acquired a total of 210 ECTS credit points.


The degree programme is divided into the following segments:


Segment I: 1st - 4th semester

In the first part of the programme, the focus is on teaching the basics of health sciences, management and health economics.


Segment II: 5th semester (practical semester)

In the practical semester, you become familiar with your selected area of professional activity in healthcare management.


Segment III: 6th - 7th semester

In the third part of the programme, among other things you have the opportunity to acquire special management skills for future career fields, through the compulsory elective modules. In addition, you complete your Bachelor's thesis in this segment.

Career perspectives and opportunities

Healthcare organisations have a sustained high demand for academically qualified and adaptable talents as specialists and (young) leaders. Due to the increasing market and competitive orientation of many areas of healthcare, continued employment growth is expected in the next few years, particularly in management. Developments such as digitalisation, demographic change and new forms of care further reinforce this trend. Accordingly, the career prospects are bright for graduates of the degree programme in Healthcare Management (B.A.). Graduates have career opportunities in the following fields of healthcare and professional nursing, among others:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical centres and medical practice networks
  • Health insurance companies
  • Government agencies, authorities, ministries
  • Associations
  • (International) Organisations
  • Consulting companies in the healthcare sector

Why study Healthcare Management at the KSH Munich?

Our degree programmes are particularly characterised by the following factors:


Focus on values: In light of the commercialisation of healthcare, ethical competence is essential at the management level. Our degree programmes combine the teaching of management skills with an appropriate consideration of ethical issues.


Long-term anchoring in the healthcare and nursing sector: The Katholische Stiftungshochschule München (KSH) University of Applied Sciences has acquired in-depth industry expertise and a comprehensive practice network through its long-standing anchoring in the sector. 20 years ago, the degree programme in Nursing Management laid the foundation for the first Faculty of Nursing at a Bavarian university. This is an advantage for you in teaching, in the practical phase of the studies, and of course also in terms of future professional prospects.


Interdisciplinarity: Our degree programme is aligned towards an interdisciplinary qualification, which optimally interlinks the different areas of expertise (health sciences, management skills, ethics and law, health economics and computer science, methodological skills).

Applications and admission

The degree programme in healthcare management offers 25 places on the course. To commence studies, you must provide proof of the required university entrance qualification:

  • a general or a specialist (subject-specific) university entrance qualification
  • university of applied sciences entrance qualification or a specialist (subject-specific) university of applied sciences entrance qualification
  • a general or specialist (subject-specific) university entrance for professionals with vocational qualifications

Please note that applications are only possible online and during the application period. Application period: annually from the beginning of May until mid-June.

Recognition of previous academic achievements

Have you already completed a vocational training course? Then you have the opportunity to apply for recognition of previous non-university achievements towards the degree programme. Abilities gained during relevant completed vocational training (e.g. nursing, geriatric nursing, paediatric nursing) will be recognised. During the first part of the degree programme, i.e. during the first four semesters, recognition can be granted for a total of 25 ECTS credit points from the vocational training (10 ECTS credit points in the first semester, and 5 ECTS credit points in each of the second, third and fourth semesters).


Of course, you can also apply to have achievements gained previously at another university in Germany or abroad checked, and recognised towards your studies where applicable. So it is definitely worthwhile having potential recognition checked.


For further information about the degree programme, please refer to the German pages about the Healthcare Management (B.A.) course, or ask the general contact person at the Dean's Office.



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